Home & Office Art Evaluations

It can be difficult to determine if a painting is the right size or texture by looking at it on our gallery walls that are lit to highlight the work. We encourage you to try the artwork in your home or office for a few days. This allows you  to view the piece in the unique lighting and decor of your own space. You may find you love the work even more, or you may find it becomes too dark or too small for a space. We arrive for the consultation in a special "art truck" that holds many paintings and we can quickly offer alternative art if the painting you selected isn't quite right for the space.  

If you have just moved to a new home and you feel overwhelmed by the decision of selecting art, we will bring an assortment of art for you to view in your space.  Once you see the paintings on your walls, the decision will be much easier. 

Call us at 705-445-4999 to book a trial or fill out the link below.

Click here to arrange a consultation at your home or office.

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