Art Consulting

Brights Gallery provides art consultation for your home or office. 

Home or Office Art Trials

Brights Gallery will bring paintings directly to your space for a home or office trial.  We travel weekly to various regions bringing paintings to our valued customers.  There is no charge for this service. Check out our available paintings on the website to see if there is anything we can bring you this week! Call Pam or Susan at 705-445-4999 to book this service.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates allow the recipient to select art they prefer. They can be purchased in person or over the phone and mailed to either the buyer or the recipient. Call Pam or Susan at 705-445-4999 to place your gift certificate order. 

Art Rental

Our art is available for short or long-term lease, for special occasions or for property staging applications. Renting artwork is one of the best ways of really adding undeniable impact to a home staging design and raising the bar on the final aesthetic results.  Call Pam or Susan at 705-445-4999 if you are interested in leasing art.